Guys and Dolls

Spring 2013


Theatre 308 – Guys and Dolls: BEHIND THE SCENES from West Bielstein on Vimeo.

Director: Lauren DiStefano

Musical Director:  Chris Andrade

Production Manager: Jennifer Chirles

Business Manager: Kathy Kenny

Stage Manager: Kate FitzMaurice

Assistant Stage Manager: Jessica DeRocco

Set Design: Elsa Case

Cast List

(in order of appearance)

Nicely-Nicely Doug Phipps
Benny Southstreet Florian Eenkema van Djik
Rusty Charlie Carson Stewart
Sarah Brown Jackie Winsch
Arvide Abernathy Reed Morgan
Harry the Horse Edward Edwards
Lt. Brannigan Tom Wade
Nathan Detroit Peter Traver
Angie the Ox Danny Traver
Miss Adelaide Lindsay Bates
Sky Masterson Chris Hecq
Mimi Claire Hilton*
Gen. Cartwright Kristen Misthopoulos
Big Jule Max Kenyon
Master of Ceremonies Dylan Gabriel*


Mission Band Havana Dancer Crap Shooter Hot Box
Breana Del Gatto Sofia Imbimbo Christina Noujaim Andrew Trautmann Abby Washer
Nicole Caputo Drake Corrigan Ford Thompson Brian Weil Caity Lowden
Colin Raymond Wen Cong Toh Jessica Cambell Christopher Perkowski Caroline Koenitzer
Nidhi Verma Giselle Perkowski Katy Murphy Drew Hardin Courtney Kyritz
Laura Miller Katie Condren Lee Thalhamer* Grant Miner Erika Dodge
Jacob Smith Melanie Turner Jeffery Sload Giana Kamensky
Mitch Losito Molly Petner Kyle Blummer Hayley Collier
Kristen Moran Matt Hayes Jenny Schrenker
Patrick Collins Kelly Kosnik
Andrew Eddie Leah Hotchkiss
Lee Thalhamer*
Madison Gabriel
Mallory Zabrocky
Michaela Brady
Sophie Sheldon

* Denotes Dance Captain

In The News

Theatre 308 in Rehearsal for Guys and Dolls

DHS Presents Guys and Dolls

Order an Ad for the program


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