Final Eurydice

Theatre 308 presents a modern re-telling of the classic myth, accompanied by live music.

Lost in the strange playground of the Underworld, Eurydice struggles to remember her past life. Meanwhile, her beloved husband Orpheus, the world’s greatest musician, tries desperately to find her.

Eurydice Cast List

Director: Andrew Rejan
Stage Manager: Claire Borecki
Assistant Stage Manager: Kailey Anderson

Eurydice                                            Breana Del Gatto
Orpheus                                            Carson Stewart
Father                                                Anjay Kornacki
Nasty Interesting Man                  Grayson Peters
Big Stone                                          Sofie Sheldon
Little Stone                                       Kristina Mitchell
Loud Stone                                       Jordan Kaloyanides
Stone                                                 Charlotte Campbell
Stone                                                 Olivia Fordyce
Stone                                                 Kristen Moran
Lord of the Underworld                Henry Steinthal
Lead Musician                                 Drake Corrigan
Musician                                           Amanda Blaze
Musician                                           Avery Brook
Musician                                           Erika Dodge
Musician                                           Evelyn Sload