Romeo and Juliet Cast List

Theatre 308

Romeo and Juliet Cast

Romeo                                 Daniel Traver

Juliet                                     Claire Hilton

Benvolio                              Katy Murphy

Mercutio                             Carson Stewart

Tybalt                                    Dylan Gabriel

Paris                                      Florian Eenkema van Dijk

Peter                                     Francisco Sucre

Nurse                                    Kristen Misthopoulos

Lord Capulet                      Max Kenyon

Lady Capulet                      Morgan Peters

Prince                                   Leah Hotchkiss

Lord Monatgue                 Chris Perkowski

Lady Monatgue                Lindsay Bates

Friar Lawrence                  Peter Traver

Apothecary                        Ford Thompson

Friar John                            Drake Corrigan

Balthasar                             Anjay Kornacki

Officer                                  Edward Edwards

Citizens of Verona

Katie Condron                                   Kelly Vodola                       Jessica Campbell              Sofie Sheldon

Breana Del Gatto                             Cristina Noujaim               Lesly Chamorro

Stage Manager

Caroline Koenitzer

Assistant Stage Manager

Jessica DeRocco

Thank you to everyone who auditioned.

The cast will meet in the Little Theatre at 2:30 pm

Bring a Pencil.