Guys and Dolls Schedule January 29th to February 1st

***Subject to change***

Tuesday January 29th
(S: ‘Marry the Man Today’, ‘If I Were a Bell’; B: Act2 Scene 2; D: Review Hot Box numbers)
• Hot Box Girls
• Arvide
• Sarah
• Sky
• Nicely
• Adelaide

Wednesday January 30th
(S: Jackie, Lindsay, Reed; B: Act 2 Scene 3)
• Jackie
• Lindsay
• Reed
• Harry
• Big Jule
• Crap Shooters
• Nathan
• Benny
• Nicely
• Sky

Thursday January 31st
(D: ‘Runyonland’ and Finale)
• Full Cast

Friday February 1st
(Full Cast Singing)
• Full Cast


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