Rehearsal Schedule Week 4: Jan 30-Feb3

Monday, Jan. 30    

2:30 – 5:00  Jets, Krupke, Shrank – blocking and Jet Song AND girls for “I Feel Pretty”

Tuesday, Jan. 31    

2:30-3:00 Theatre 308 MeetingFeb 3

3:00-3:30 Production Meeting

3;30 – 5:00  Full Cast sing “Tonight” then sing the following:  “Officer Krupke”, “Cool”, “Jet Song”


Wednesday, Feb 1    

2:30-5:00 Dream Ballet Part I:   Tony and Maria (w/ Nancy)

2:30-5:00 Dream Ballet Part I:   Only the following Sharks and Jets w/ Katie and Lauren:  

Frannie C., Abby W., Abby L., Laura P.,  Lily S., Jackie W., Peter T., Grayson H.,

Dylan G., Mike S., Andrew E., Sam B.


Thursday, Feb 2             

2:30-3:45  Sing-through of the show

3:45 – 5:30  Review Dance at the Gym (add Glad Hand), Rumble, Jet Song,  and I Feel Pretty

Friday, Feb 3   

2:30-5:00 Dream Ballet Part II (Somewhere):  Mary Elliott sings w/ Mr. A;  Full Cast dances