Production Roles- West Side Story

Set construction – helps to build the set

Set painting – helps to paint and decorate the set

Props – identifies, locates, organizes and runs all necessary props

Costumes – helps to describe, locate or build, organize and maintain all costumes

Ad Sales – helps to sell advertisements for the program

Poster Design – designs the poster

Display for Lobby – designs, organizes and sets up lobby display

Photography – in charge of cast head shots as well as photos to chronicle the production

Videography – creation of the DVD of our production

Program – puts together the production program. 

Sound – works to set up and run microphones

Lighting – works to set up and run  lighting equipment

Water Sales – oversees this important fund-raising aspect, which takes place during intermission

Ushers – ticket-taking; seating of audience

Webmaster – oversees and maintains the 308 website

Historian/Dramaturg – works with director on all literary and historical aspects of the show; provides necessary background info; often writes information for the program.

T-Shirts – designs, orders, distributes show shirts

 Stage Managers – assist the directors; attend daily rehearsals; keep blocking notes; call technical cues.  Must have experience and be selected.

Assistant Stage Managers – Must be selected. 

Crew Heads – Must be selected; usually have previous experience

Running Crew – Usually are drawn from set crew.