308 meeting minutes

This week at the meeting we continued talking about set crew. If you are interested in being a part of the glorious team that is the stage crew, please contact Caroline Schau at caro894@gmail.com. She’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have! For this show, we are specifically looking for sound cue people, as Mr. Andrade does not want to be doing it all by himself. If you’re interested in sound (which will be VERY exciting for this show), please contact Abby Leinroth, and she will put your name on the crew sign-up sheet.


We want to order the homecoming shirts ASAP, so this is the link for the survey Hannah talked about at the meeting:  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DPSZKR9. This is the link to view the different shirt options: https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=3d49af2c49&view=att&th=132889616e3dd4b5&disp=imgs. Decide which one you like, click it on the survey, and Hannah will receive the results, and let us all know what tshirt we will be wearing for homecoming this year! (This is of course optional, but we’d love to have as many people participate as possible!!) We also collected tshirt sizes for those who would like one, so if you were not at the meeting, please contact Hannah and tell her what size tshirt you would like.


OPEN MIC NIGHT IS OCTOBER 22ND!!! It will most likely be at 7 pm at the Depot. Think about whether you’d like to perform, and what you would want to do! We love having audience members too, of course, so simply showing up will be lots of fun as well!!


DON’T FORGET! Stop by the 308 table at the Activities Fair, THIS FRIDAY!!! It will be during 7th period, so if you would like to help, please let Abby know ASAP!!


Now who could forget the lovely acting our very own Caroline Schau did at the meeting?… If you don’t remember it, the gist was… Buy a pack of water from the grocery store. Bring it to the high school. Quench the audience’s thirst on show nights… A ticket to a 308 show: $15… A case of water: $6.99… A satisfied audience: priceless.


Our dear Caroline is also in charge of ushering! This year, Ushers will be in costume to add to the ambiance of our show! Ushers get a free ticket to each show they help out at, give out playbills, and help audience members find their seats. If you’re interested in ushering, please contact Caroline at the email address above.


IT’S AD SEASON!!! Attached is an ad form. Please start selling ads! They can be sold to local businesses (good for advertising) or to your parents and friends. The ads will appear in both the drama and musical playbills, so it’s a great investment for anyone who wants to purchase one! We need ads to fund production costs of the show, so they’re VERY important! More information will follow about an ad-selling party, BUT start trying to sell them on your own!! Much appreciated! 😀


We are still looking for more submissions for the Dracula poster!! If you have any ideas, please bring them to Mrs. Herman or Mr. Morrow for consideration.